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Gilbert McGloan Gillis’ services cover all types of residential and commercial transactions. Although an important aspect of our work consists of the purchase and sale of residential property, many transactions involve commercial and residential development, zoning, leasing, and complex financing for developers, owners, purchasers, landlords, tenants and investors. We can undertake all aspects of any of these transactions.


Thinking of buying or selling a home? We can provide you with an estimate of what you can expect your closing costs to be. Remember, this is an estimate for a simple Land Titles residential real estate transaction. Closing Costs increase with additional complexity. This estimate does not include adjustable costs associated with the Property.  Contact Claire Porter or John Henderson for more information.

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Closing Costs for a Buyer
Land Transfer Tax (1% of purchase price or assessed value) 
Cost of Title Insurance 
Registration Fees (Transfer and Mortgage per PID, per document)$85
Lawyer's Legal Fee$750
Approximate Additional Fees (SNB charges, disbursements, etc.)$100
Approximate Applicable HST$130
Closing Costs for a Seller
Lawyer's Legal Fee$650
Registration Fees (Mortgage Discharge per PID, per document)$75
Approximate Additional Fees (SNB charges, disbursements, etc.)$150
Approximate Applicable HST$85