• Criminal

At Gilbert McGloan Gillis, we recognize the stress and uncertainty that a criminal charge can bring. Nothing is more personal than having your freedom at risk. Effective criminal defence requires zealous advocacy, a strong rapport with the local legal community, experience with the bench, and most importantly, confidence of the client. The criminal defence team at Gilbert McGloan Gillis embodies these pillars, with a goal of transforming legal worries into peace of mind.

If you have been convicted in the past, it can be difficult to secure employment or  travel. A pardon helps to relieve these restrictions, but the application process can be long and confusing. Our criminal defence team is happy to guide you through the process, to allow you to move on with your life.

For routine matters, set-fee arrangements provide clients with certainty.

Contact our lawyers to determine if your matter is routine and to discuss our services.

Charles Bryant is pleased to be offering 24/7 criminal services.  Call 1-888-2-GMGLAW (1-888-246-4529) any time of the day or night to consult with Charles.